What a load of rubbish!

November 23, 2015

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The Club generates a large amount of rubbish such as food waste, cans, bottles and carboard, and it costs us money to have all the rubbish removed.

Unfortunately users of the club also leave their rubbish on the Deck, or in our bins, for the Club volunteers to get rid of.
Over the past two years we have gotten rid of a wide variety of rubbish that had nothing to do with the Club itself. Old Batteries, anchors, sails (so
many old sails), broken oars, magazines, and even a broken outboard engine!
Recently the old steel trailer, heavy rope and a large amount of Vegetation has been removed from the Club.

At the recent Regatta there was so much rubbish. The excess needed tipping as we only have 8 bins.

What happens to all of this rubbish? Lyn and Kathie, two of our hardest working members always arrive for working bees with their trailer. At the end of the working Bee day, they go straight to the tip to offload. Cost of the tipping (and the labour involved) in the last two years has been donated by the girls.

So we need your help. Please take all of your rubbish with you. If you brought it into the club, then please take it away, Please don't leave donated items without checking with a committee member first.

If you have a trailer and can help with rubbish removal in the future, please contact Lindsay Fletcher at info@balmainsailingclub.com

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