WAFF classes now available at the Balmain Sailing Club!

February 04, 2016

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To kick off 2016 we are excited to announce that WAFF, the new European wellness workout, is now available at the Balmain Sailing Club and are offering discounted rates to all members!

WAFF is a perfectly balanced physical, mental and emotional workout on a WAFF cushion, focusing on balance, core, postural rebalancing & relaxation. Fun and effective at the same time, the classes are suitable for all levels of fitness - whether you are a sailor, an athlete, or have never set foot in a gym or yoga studio before.

Head to www.madamwaff.com.au to book online and make sure to enter your coupon code to get the discounted rate.

  • BSC01WCLASS when booking your Casual pass
  • BSC10WCLASS when booking  your 10 Visit pass

Keep an eye out as classes may vary in times and new classes added.

If you have any questions email Anne-Sophie - as.chapoton@waffweb.com or call her on 0413 613 791.

Proud Sponsors of the Balmain Sailing Club