The Twilight Season is upon us

September 30, 2015

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Our Twilight Series is again upon us, and that we have just 17 keelboat entries a week-and-a-half out from race 1.

We have yet to see entries from notable participants in the BSC’s 2014 Pre-Christmas Twilight Series including Bear Necessity, Rock’n’Roll, Delerium, Express, Irukanji, Alph Carinae, Gingerbread Man, Slippery, Penguin, Scandalous, Ropeable, Think Twice, Apache, Asterix, Addict, Brakks, Sjo Ro, Umbakumba, Twilight, Windchaser, Dolphin, Meridian, Coppelia, Play On and Antares.

Rumour has it the legendary San JoJa (‘The Yellow Shitter’) may be making a come back!

If you intend participating, please enter as soon as possible  via the Top Yacht Entry System so as to assist the starters not to mention the club’s caterers.

And please note that the club’s fantastic new marina is now available for up to six boats from a little further afield who would like to come back to the BSC post race to enjoy the presentation, and to meet fellow competitors.

Finally, it is with sadness that I note the passing  in August this year of Robert McGrath, owner of Luce Change, and winner of the 2014 BSC Pre-Christmas Twilight Series and on behalf of the Balmain Sailing Club I extend our sincere condolences to his family.

David Stenhouse

Proud Sponsors of the Balmain Sailing Club