The Bug Rides Again - Join the Regatta!

October 20, 2014

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After a 10 year absence the Balmain Bug has returned to the harbour for her dress rehearsal before next Sunday's Balmain Regatta.

In a 10 to 12knot Nor Easter the Bug sailed perfectly and attracted plently of attention.

With Dave Hodgson steering and Campbell Reid in the bow the little ship caught both experienced skiff sailors by surprise with how well she sailed.

"Even though she is based on a design close to a century old you can see how for their time these boats were pretty high tech," Campbell reports.

"She will bury her bow in the blink of an eye but we were impressed at how seaworthy she was and were really happy that we could get upwind pretty well.
In the six foot division of the historic skiff fleet at the regatta we think we are a serious threat."

*(Note the Bug is Australia's only working six footer)


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