Thanks to all for a successful Regatta

October 27, 2015

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Balmain Regatta 2015

BSC members,

I have had lots of feedback from competitors and partygoers about how effortless we made the 2015 regatta look.

If only they knew.

On behalf of all of us please join me in thanking these people who in big and small ways put in the hours and hours of work that made the regatta look so easy for those who enjoyed it.

If I have missed your name please accept my apologies and thanks and let me know so you can be included in the roll.

Campbell Reid

Mike, Chris, Dave, Wilhelm, Silke, Leanne, Tommy, Marilyn, Nigel, Colin, Bryce, Michael, John, Henry, Leisl, Lindsay, Hoddo, Anni, Michael, Kathie, John, LYN, Garry, Nick Storey, Nick, Linda, Ryan, Fiona, Rod McCubbon, Steve Jackson, Simon, Chantelle, Mark, Paul, Michelle, Angela, Marie, Undies, Brian, Neil, Barb, Alan, Sue (Fletcher), Sue (Durman), Wanda, Geoff, Lindsay, Paul, Michelle, Patti, Andrew.

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