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July 13, 2014

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The Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held on the 10th of August 2014 at 10AM, when the new Committee for 2014/2015 will be elected.

The club is calling for nominations of 4 Committee positions and for several smaller, task driven positions or Captains.

Committee positions that become vacant are Commodore, Treasurer and 2 Directors positions.

Additionally, the Club relies upon smaller, key positions to assist in the running and improvement of the club. We are a not for profit club run by volunteers, so we are looking for people to do some of the small, regular tasks to share the load and keep the club running.

In order to get the processes in hand we are calling for members who believe they have the skills to take on these roles. In general these roles would require about 4 hours a month, all of which is flexible. Everyone is encouraged recruit other members to assist them in carrying out these roles as required.

To assist the following Vacant Captains roles have been identified together with a short precis “what does the role do”.

Reporting directly to the Commodore:
      Cruising Club Captain: - this position is required to organise cruising events which can help members who are not just out and out racers to enjoy the waters around Sydney and beyond. Person should love to be with people and have a sense of fun combined with an ability to generate interest in participants. Past events have included BBQ and raft ups plus Melbourne Cup day.

Reporting directly to the Vice Commodore:
    Yacht Captain: - position is responsible for coordinating yacht races and pontoon management on race days. Position also works with VC regarding race courses. Person requires several years of yacht racing experience and a desire to generate professional and low risk racing activities as well as encouraging and mentoring new entrants.
    Dinghy Captain:- position is responsible for coordinating dinghy races and deck management on race days. Position also works with VC regarding race courses. Person requires several years of dinghy racing experience and a desire to generate professional and low risk racing activities as well as encouraging and mentoring new entrants.
    Cat 7 Safety Auditor: - assisting the existing audit team, this position enables the club to certify complying boats for the coming year. Person must have YA qualifications or be prepared to undertake training and accreditation.
    Starters (up to 4 required): - position involves the operation of the starting procedures for races including horns, flags and recording of results. Persons who may not be keen in the actual on water races but who are interested this aspect of sailing - starting and finishing.

Reporting directly to the Secretary
    Insurance Captain: - position is to review all club insurances to ensure that the club has adequate and appropriate cover and also to prepare and review tenders for renewals. Person should have had some experience in dealing with insurance companies and reviewing complex documents.

Reporting directly to the Infrastructure director
    Club facilities Captain: - This position assist the Director by ensuring that club facilities are maintained. You will look after the Bins, bathrooms and general tidiness. We want our Club to be a pleasant place to attend. 1 or more people can fill this role.
    Painting Captain: - This position assists the Director with Painting maintenance. Our biggest painting programs are on Working bee days so there will always be someone to help
    Keys and key register Captain: - This position is to ensure that club keys are registered and managed so that appropriate persons have access to the club facilities. You need  to be detailed minded and be able to run an excel spreadsheet
   Dinghy / tender/ kayak Storage Captain: - position requires working out storage options and maintaining a register of users, working with Treasurer to ensure that all users are paying fees.

Reporting directly to Marketing and Revenue Director
    Sponsorship Captain:- position requires identification of sponsors, preparation of proposals to sponsors and signing of sponsorship agreements. Person should have had some sales and marketing experience and be willing to meet and negotiate with senior members of the business community.
    Events Captain:- position requires understanding the club committees intentions, setting out the annual plan of events, determining what is required to run them successfully and then managing the event. Person should have had prior experience at event organisation and be able to work with other captains such as sponsorship to ensure that the events are professional and seen as worthwhile. Our major events are Presentation Night, Christmas Party and the Commodores Cocktail Party. You will also assist with the Balmain Regatta by working with the Regatta Chairperson.
    Hall Hire Captain:- the club needs to utilise its asset better and the hall is available for nearly 300 days per year. The position seeks to maximise utilisation whilst meeting the lease criteria. Person needs to have had experience with hire of function centres.

Reporting directly to the Communications Director
    Membership Captain:- maintain membership register, seek ways of increasing membership and provide advice to committee on fee structures. Be a contributor to the clubs newsletter by providing articles that are of interest to members and future members. Person would need great interpersonal and organisational skills.
   Website Captain:- position is required to maintain website, upgrade as necessary and to train users in website functionality. Person should have experience with websites (Expression Engine) and an IT background.
   E-mail & Mailing list Captain:- position requires drafting and sending of e-communications, management of the club’s extensive mailing list, analysis of users and provide data to membership captain. Person should have had some sales and marketing analyst experience.

Reporting directly to Food and Beverage Director
    Bar Captain:-  This  position assists the Bar Manager. The position is responsible for management of stock and Stock delivery. You will assist the manager in negotiating with suppliers.  You will also be able to manage the bar takings in compliance with club processes. You will also ensure that the bar and coolroom remains clean and that the dishwasher and coolroom are regularly serviced.

So come along to the AGM on Sunday 10AM on the 10th of August and put up your hand to help, or you may contact the relevant Committee Member for more information or to express an interest in voluneering by emailing

Commodore - Angela Catterns
Vice Commodore - Simon Oliver
Treasurer - Chantelle Hodgson -
Communications Director - Charlie Chan
Food and Beverage Director - Arthur King  
Infrastructure Director - Lyn Evans  
Marketing and Revenue Director
Secretary - Michael Meehan

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