Nominations for election of Directors at the AGM, Sunday 17 July 2016

July 11, 2016

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The following nominations have been received for the vacant Director positions.

John Blair:
John has been a member for 15 years and has previously held positions in the Club including Yacht Captain, Deck Captain, Director and was Commodore for 2 years.
He has run his own business successfully for 20 years and has managed contracts , clients and personnel and their varying interests. He believes the club is heading in a rewarding and more modern direction and would like to be able to contribute his skills in management to assist the club to move forward. He is prepared to involve himself in activities which will assist the club in meeting its aims.

Chris Durman:
Chris has been a member for 6 years and Treasurer for the past 2 years which has seen the club operate profitably whilst completing the pontoon and re powering the two club tenders. Chris has been successful in gaining a grant of $25,000 to assist in replacement of the clubhouse roof. As he is retired he is prepared to spend the time required as a director and hold management and accounting certificates. He is a part owner of Kelly 2 and will continue to race her. His priorities for the coming period include, new roof, restored windows, upgraded bar, upgraded toilets, increase in the race fleet with club coaches available at no charge and to maintain the clubs financial strength.

Julien Palmer:
Julien has been a member for 1 year and works for Australian Sailing (formerly Yachting Australia) as Online Services Manager. He brings significant knowledge of the services provided by Australian Sailing that can greatly assist Balmain Sailing Club members. He is a local Balmain resident and keen to become more involved in the sailing activities of the club.

Campbell Reid:
Campbell has been a member for 5 years and a Director since 2013. He is currently Commodore having held this role since 2014 and is keen to continue in this position to see the club’s transformation continue for the benefit of all members. He believes his sailing experience, enthusiasm for the club and his organisational abilities are helping administer and guide the club towards a strong and secure future.

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