Learn to sail in the traditional wooden skiff Intrepid.

November 29, 2016

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The chance to learn to sail on the world's greatest harbour in a unique, traditional sailing boat is being relaunched by The Balmain Sailing Club.

While many sailing schools offer courses in modern, plastic sailing boats, the Balmain Club is offering new courses in its unique, traditional, clinker built, sailing skiff, Intrepid.

The Intrepid courses mean novice sailors have their introduction to sailing in the kind of working sailing boat that played an integral part in Balmain's history as Australia's most maritime suburb.

The club also offers courses for adult in racing and cruising yachts and the Olympic class Laser dinghies.

Intrepid was designed and built by legendary Balmain waterman Nick Masterman in Birchgrove, in 1979.

Under the expert helmsmanship of Sydney Harbour identity Gary Ferres the Intrepid courses are unique.

"Balmain is the cradle of boat building and skiff sailing in Australia and Intrepid is a direct link to those roots and we explore the sites and islands that are part of that history," he said.

He teaches adults in groups of up to four people.

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