Club Update: Infrastructure Work

March 10, 2014

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Hello fellow club members!
This is what your committee has been up to on the maintenance of your club

Recent Infrastructure work:
1.       A new dishwasher, The other washing machine had broken down
2.       The shower in the Dinghy Shed – Kathie Meyers, our starter, has made it very inviting now
3.       Pontoon – temporary boards – these were needed as the existing boards are rotting through
4.       The dreaded Sewer Pump out system has been overhauled. It was installed in the 1950’s. There is more work needed but for now, the all important Loo’s are working!
5.       A light switch has been installed in the Ladies Bathroom
6.       The external building lights and associated Timers have been checked and replaced were needed
7.       Thanks to Frans for his efforts on replacing the inclinator limit switches
8.       A new TV has been donated by Lyn and Kathie for our Bar. It has the ability to run DVD  and USB stick information
9.       Thanks to Charlie for loaning us her PA system and Projector.
10.   Non-functioning Smoke detectors and other electrical items have been replaced / repaired
11.   I have asked Renee DeBeer to look at repairing the steep Ramp that is used for the Tender and the Training School. This is a big job but we are onto it!
12.   Freezer and Fridge maintenance – thanks Tommy!

Can you help us?
Carpentry: There is a soft spot in the Foyer area, the timber floor and bearer underneath need urgent repairs.
Tree Trimmer: The Trees are becoming overgrown. Do you have expertise in this area?
BBQs – the BBqs need some burners to be replaced. They also need a stainless steel plate where the glass has fallen out.
Painting of the Servery floor.  This will happen during the Winter.

Do you know of something that needs doing?
Do you have expertise and can help on upcoming projects? I would love to hear from you
Lyn Evans – 0418647250.
Infrastructure Director, BSC.

Proud Sponsors of the Balmain Sailing Club