Bruises or Cruises?

December 20, 2014

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For those that need a break from the physical and sometimes emotional bruising of racing competition, maybe you should try some stress free cruising to help you unwind and relax!

The BSC Cruising Division held its first event for the summer on Sunday 14th December.  Participants had a most enjoyable sail around the western harbour in perfect bright sunshine and a mild north-east breeze for an hour of two before making their way to a sheltered mooring in the Lane Cove River.

Rafting up provided a secure spot to hop between the boats, enjoy the company of all ‘cruisers’ and partake of the magnificent feast that emerged from the various galleys and picnic hampers, not to mention champagne ice buckets and eskys!

If this form of relaxation takes your fancy, don’t miss the future Cruises planned for 2015.  Whether you are a yacht owner, or simply a member interested in joining future events, please ensure you register via the website

Registration is critical to ensure you are kept posted of updates on future events, including any possible postponement or cancellation due to adverse weather conditions.

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