Balmain Sailing Club 2014/15 Committee

September 18, 2014

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The new committee has been elected and the the below shows the incumbent and their roles;

Commodore and Marketing - Campbell Reid
Vice Commodore - Simon Oliver
Infrastructure Director - Lyn Evans
Future Directions Director - Bob Connolly
Revenue Director - David Blackwell
Director - Lindsay Fletcher
Treasurer - Chris Durman
Secretary - Michael Meehan

Please note that all can be contacted by email.

The new committee has met and set priorities to build upon all of the work of the past committee and the below summarises these priorities:

  • Secure and grow membership
  • Maintain and grow successful sailing events
  • Run a successful Balmain Regatta
  • Complete Pontoon project
  • Run successful working bees
  • Reinvigorate after racing social activities
  • Improve communication and transactional services through the clubs website
  • Replace club’s bathroom and shower facilities
  • Run a successful sailing school and provide direct path from school to active sailing by linking graduates and skippers
  • Develop strategy for future activities and growth
  • Reinvigorate the cruising club

In order for these priorities to be met a Captains group has been identified to assist the directors in specific activities. The Captains are all volunteers and there are still vacancies to be filled. If you have an interest then please either speak to one of the directors or send an email and we will follow up with you.

2014-15 Captains roles

Role Incumbent Reports to
Rear Commodore Angela Catterns Campbell Reid (Commodore and Director Marketing)
Club Communications/ newsletter Membership and mailing list Captain Alena Abrosimova Campbell Reid (Commodore and Director Marketing)
Events Captain Chantelle Hodgson Campbell Reid (Commodore and Director Marketing)
Marketing Captain   Campbell Reid (Commodore and Director Marketing)
Sailing School Principal Craig Armour David Blackwell - Director Revenue
Hall Hire Captain   David Blackwell - Director Revenue
Bar Captains Tommy Richardson (licencee), John Thorogood and Silke Weichenhain David Blackwell - Director Revenue
Food and Catering Captain Kathryn Underhill David Blackwell - Director Revenue
Sponsorship Captain Mike West David Blackwell - Director Revenue
Race Captain Dave Stenhouse Simon Oliver (Vice Commodore)
Dinghy Captain Dave Hodgson Simon Oliver (Vice Commodore)
Yacht Captain Mark Cherrington Simon Oliver (Vice Commodore)
Regatta Captain Mike West Simon Oliver (Vice Commodore)
Cat 7 Safety Captain Dennis Speyer Simon Oliver (Vice Commodore)
Starters Captain Kathie Meyers Simon Oliver (Vice Commodore)
Protest Captain Erica Kirby Simon Oliver (Vice Commodore)
Building Captain   Lyn Evans (ID)
House Captain Mike Ewings Lyn Evans (ID)
Bins & Bathroom Captain Alan Gregory. Lyn Evans (ID)
Painting Captain Kathie Meyers Lyn Evans (ID)
Dinghy Storage Captain Chris Durham is collating (8/9/14) Lyn Evans (ID)
Key Register Captain   Lyn Evans (ID)
Book Keeping Erica Kirby Chris Durman (T)
Trophy Captain Wanda Carter Chris Durman (T)
Assistant Treasurer Chantelle Hodgson Chris Durman (T)
Future Directions Captain   Bob Connolly -Director (FD)
Pontoon Captain Arthur King Bob Connolly -Director (FD)
Insurance Captain Avryl Lattin Michael Meehan (S)
Back Office and Website Captain Charlie Chan Michael Meehan (S)
Cruising Captain   Lindsay Fletcher - Director


Michael Meehan,

Proud Sponsors of the Balmain Sailing Club