Balmain dinghy sailors at the NSW Metro Laser championships

March 10, 2014

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The scheduling of the NSW Metro Laser championships outside our club's  front door proved a temptation too hard to resist for three fool hardy Balmain Laser sailors, Dinghy Captain Dave Hodgson, Rod Smith and Campbell Reid.

The good news is two glorious days of insanely shifty NNE breezes has probably convinced lots of "East-of-the-Harbour-Bridge" sailors to never venture back into our territory.

As one former Drummoyne sailor who now sails out of Middle Harbour was overheard muttering as he sailed for shore after the last race: "I swore I would never sail here again."

The event, run beautifully by the Lane Cove club, attracted nearly 70 boats across three Laser divisions with three races per day.

The Balmain trio all took their sailing lessons in the Standard rig fleet which was won comprehensively by Hunters Hill skipper James Burman who showed the vagaries our our part of the harbour can be mastered by winning five out of the six races.

Unfortunately, Rod Smith in Tom Yum was unable to compete on Sunday after suffering the physical injuries that fleet racing a Laser can bring but Hoddo and Campbell completed the series with respectable results in the 31 boat standard rig fleet.

Campbell finished 8th overall and third in the masters division and Hoddo who was able to park his boat on the Balmain club ramp  (best launch ramp on Sydney Harbour by the way) for life-giving bursts of coffee and nicotine between races  slotted in at 17th.

Now, back to the much more serious business of handicap racing around the islands in which "Trophy Boy" Hodgson is expected to reassert his authority.

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