Balmain Boats at a SASC race

November 02, 2014

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Matagi at the Balmain Regatta

Saturday November 1 started off as an absolute scorcher of a day with 27 degrees at 10 am and strong winds predominantly from the north and north-west (the kind of breeze that feels like a giant hairdryer). It turned the Sydney Harbour into an exciting playground for boats participating in the Sydney Amateurs and Royal Squadron races, running kites and punching through waves in gusty 25 knots.

Balmain boats "Matagi" and "Balmain Tiger" both did quite well in these challenging conditions, their crew hiking out hard and getting a few bruises. "Matagi" got a 3d on PHS (2nd in the Gold Cup) and 1st on AMS, "Balmain Tiger" came 4th on PHS. Congratulations to the skippers and the crew.

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